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Board of Directors

It takes a whole village to make big ideas come to reality. Our team at UCBA has fought hard for cannabis equity for legacy farmers, manufacturers and legacy retailers. Over the last decade, we have made radical changes to our systems to support licensed cannabis operators while protecting the customers that continue to support legal cannabis access. When we combine resources and knowledge we are stronger. Our goal is to create an industry united for all of our collaborative success.

Jerred Kiloh

UCBA President

Jerred Kiloh is President of the United Cannabis Business Association, owner of The Higher Path Dispensary & The Other Path CBD store in Los Angeles, CA. He is the co-owner of Abide Dispensary in Napa, CA. Abide Napa recently partnered with Live Nation & BottleRock Music Festival in 2023 to provide legal cannabis products to festival goers. The Napa community was incredibly supportive! Jerred is also providing a community enrichment & private event space in LA called The Green Room on Ventura, which hosts cannabis friendly yoga, movie nights, seminars, bud-tender trainings & community events. Over 20 years in the industry have solidified his resolve to support the infrastructure of the cannabis industry as a whole through education, collaboration, & changing legislation.

Working with U.C.B.A, Jerred has collaborated with various California State Senators, Assembly-members, & City Council-members to write & support new cannabis legislation, while also amending current legislation to support all actors in this industry. He has testified in front of the legislature relentlessly with the goal of supporting this industry and informing lawmakers on the struggles and successes cannabis business owners and customers are experiencing. California Cannabis has reached a tipping point where unregulated markets & over-taxation are squeezing law-abiding retailers & cultivators out of their own businesses.

Jerred Kiloh provides unique perspective from an association leadership standpoint, guiding hundreds of business owners & actors in the cannabis industry while creating new laws to remain sustainable. His role as a business owner & CEO of over 50 employees allows Jerred to provide insight into the struggles of a small business owner. It is essential to communicate the needs of our industry and empower more of us to become active in the policy-making of our industry.


Jonatan Cvetko

UCBA Executive Director

Leading to the passing of Prop 64, Cvetko began advocating in Los Angeles County for safe and responsible cannabis regulations. Organizing a large, diverse coalition of Los Angeles County residents who are committed to establishing only the most responsible cannabis policies.

In 2016, Cvetko was invited by LA County Supervisor Solis to draft a motion that established an advisory committee to recommend responsible regulations. He was subsequently appointed to the LA County Cannabis Advisory Workgroup, which created 64 official recommendations, becoming the foundation for cannabis regulations in LA County.

He is dedicated towards developing a more collaborative relationship between regulators, communities, and those seeking to operate responsible cannabis businesses. Education is the foundation upon which the future collaboration can be built.

Offering tours for regulators and other stakeholder organizations to learn directly from licensed cannabis businesses already operating in California.

He champions Free Expungement Clinics for the estimated over 200,000 LA County residents who qualify to have their cannabis criminal records reduced or expunged. Ultimately reducing barriers preventing those with previous cannabis convictions from housing, employment, and student loans. This effort has lead to the County’s automated expungement program of approximately 100,000 residents.

He hosts the LA County Cannabis Policy Seminar, a comprehensive seminar discussing responsible regulations amongst LA County’s 89 jurisdictions. Since then he has been invited to sit on other city’s advisory committees and works closely with many of LA County’s cities towards implementing responsible cannabis regulations.

In 2020 he accepted an offer to be the Executive Director of the United Cannabis Business Association, the largest cannabis retail trade association in California, where he works with our team on drafting and advocating on various state legislation promoting the viability of the legal cannabis industry. Most recently introducing a bill to reduce the state cannabis tax rate.

Building relationships between all parties is the type of collaborative mindset that he brings to the implementation of responsible cannabis regulations.

Cannabis legalization was brought to his attention as close family members and friends began to experience the medical benefits of this plant. Since then, his journey found him leaving his career in Technology, leading to a passion towards implementing responsible cannabis policy and advocating for social justice reform.

Cvetko is a lifelong resident of LA County. Being a first generation American, coming from a family that immigrated from modern day Croatia to San Pedro, CA, and growing up in the South Bay where he currently lives with his husband.

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