Javier Montes

UCBA Vice President

Javier Montes has over 15 years of industry experience in cannabis retail as the owner of Delta-9 THC in the South Bay Area of Los Angeles. As a State Licensed Retail owner, Javier has been a champion for compliance and regulation within the cannabis industry. His stewardship has contributed to crafting and implementing legislation including regulation, industry policing, oversight, and governance in a collaboration of community stakeholders, industry veterans, and jurisdictional agencies.

He now sits as the Vice President of the United Cannabis Business Association (UCBA) established in 2016 and is the largest LA Trade Association of legal dispensaries. As the Vice Chair of UCBA, Javier is a voice for public safety, effective enforcement, best practices in retail, and minority inclusion. His voice contributed in the LA County effort for a working ordinance which, after two months of opposition and debate, ended in a working document that would give the industry a pathway for licensing in the Unincorporated Los Angeles County.

In 2018, Javier sat as the Vice chair of the L.A. Chamber of commerce, Gov. and Fiscal Affairs and worked through various issues that impact the City of Los Angeles. The City of Sacramento also appointed Javier to help score their Social Equity licenses in Sacramento’s Cannabis Opportunity Reinvestment Equity Program (SCORE).


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