Our Mission

The UCBA is committed to elevating awareness and knowledge of the cannabis industry among policymakers and residents across California. We foster stability through legislative efforts, regulatory enhancements, and the promotion of best business practices.


We provide access to professional legislative, regulatory, license and budget advocacy services to empower our members’ voices among policymakers at state agencies and the state legislature.


Legislative advocacy, exemplified through initiatives such as the Catering bill (AB 471), demonstrates our collaborative power with state-level legislation to foster market expansion by tailoring laws to address the specific needs and preferences of our local and statewide communities. By engaging with our representatives, Assembly-members, and Senators, UCBA advocacy ensures that the voices of constituents are heard and integrated into the policymaking process, ultimately contributing to more effective and equitable industry growth.


UCBA Empowers businesses to succeed in competitive licensing structures by providing effective strategies, streamlining the process across diverse local systems to save time and money, and offering insights into the practical costs of entering our industry to better inform potential lenders about the actual expenses associated with starting a cannabis company or business.


Our regulatory advocacy involves proactively adapting businesses to meet current/future challenges and opportunities by advocating for changes in regulations to better align with market dynamics. UCBA teaches and upholds a proactive, rather than reactive, approach that helps businesses thrive by adjusting rules to support their needs.


UCBA guides businesses in managing the intricacies of their operations within a complex industry. Preparing for tax obligations, setting competitive prices based on market dynamics and sustainable profit margins is key to effectively navigating seasonal fluctuations and shifting consumer demands to maintain a successful and financially sound business


Our lawyers and legislative advocates provide exclusive training and resources to help licensed cannabis retailers navigate through complex and ever-changing cannabis policy and regulations.


Our UCBA members receive direct access to in-depth legal training and education for the cannabis industry, spanning local and state regulations. This equips legal industry participants with the knowledge needed for responsible and compliant operations.


With accounting being the greatest offender in misinformation and confusion, we provide a comprehensive understanding of key principles, guided by experienced cannabis CPAs, ensuring that members have the knowledge and resources to navigate complex tax regulations effectively while optimizing their financial management in the cannabis sector. Get expert insight on the best tax-filing practices for the industry such as deductions related to 280E.


UCBA provides the advantage of direct access to thorough policy education within the dynamic cannabis industry, covering local and state regulations. Understanding these policies is crucial, as they can change rapidly, and having up-to-date knowledge empowers individuals in the field to adapt and maintain compliance with the evolving legal landscape.

Demographic & Consumer Trends

The UCBAs educational resources are tailored to keep businesses up-to-date on the ever-changing landscape of demographic and consumer trends in the cannabis industry. We explore the profiles of new and emerging customer demographics, helping businesses understand who their customers are. Additionally, we delve into popular sectors within consumption preferences and identify prime investment opportunities in cannabis products. Leveraging community-driven data and our decades of industry experience, UCBA support ensures that businesses remain current and well-informed, setting the stage for optimal success and long-term sustainability.


We connect members with fellow licensed cannabis retailers, cultivators, distributors, manufacturers and laboratories for networking opportunities and to learn the latest trends and innovations around cannabis products.

Training & Education

UCBAs education and training initiatives go beyond budtenders and encompass a wide array of essential subjects, from proprietary sales and customer service methods to in-depth cannabis science. These programs also guide participants in effectively managing their businesses, comprehending tax codes and rates, and advocating for sustainability in the industry. This holistic approach to industry education ensures that participants are well-equipped to excel in the dynamic and ever-evolving cannabis landscape.


UCBA is at the forefront of compliance innovation, developing solutions that facilitate tax code adherence in the cannabis industry. Our commitment is to provide businesses and individuals with the tools and knowledge needed for seamless tax compliance, ensuring both regulatory integrity and financial success.


UCBA is committed to promoting enforcement innovation that equips law enforcement agencies and local/state communities with effective tools without reigniting the negative impacts of the war on drugs, prioritizing safety, justice, and community well-being through shared resources.


UCBA creates and upholds an environment for businesses to access cutting-edge innovations and establish valuable connections across all retail aspects, transforming technology and the retail landscape. We harness collective strength to secure competitive price reductions. Our unwavering commitment is to equip the cannabis retail sector with the tools and strategies necessary for excellence in this dynamic industry.