SACRAMENTO BEE: Curbside pickup for marijuana? California agency is poised to allow it indefinitely

By Andrew Sheeler


For two years, Californians have been able to pick up marijuana from their dispensaries via curbside delivery. Now, the state regulator that oversees cannabis is poised to extend that rule indefinitely. The Department of Cannabis Control recently announced several proposed regulations that would go into effect later this year if approved. One such regulation extends the exception that allows cannabis retailers to offer curbside delivery of their product to customers. “DCC began authorizing retailers to engage in curbside delivery at the start of the pandemic, in order to facilitate important public health measures, as part of disaster relief provisions in the regulations,” said department spokeswoman Christina Dempsey in an email statement.

Dempsey said that cannabis retail licensees have offered curbside delivery for almost two years without any cause for concern. “As such, DCC determined that the prohibitions on curbside delivery are no longer necessary. DCC also heard significant interest from retailers and consumers alike for continuing to allow curbside delivery,” Dempsey said.

The proposed regulation came as welcome news to Jerred Kiloh, a cannabis retailer and president of the United Cannabis Business Association. Kiloh said that about 35% of his business is conducted through curbside delivery. “The reality is, this is safer for people. It’s easier. It’s convenient, and it’s become a part of our whole economy,” Kiloh said in an interview with The Sacramento Bee.

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