MJBIZDaily: Could an Oregon lawsuit legalize interstate marijuana commerce before Congress?

By Chris Roberts

If not Congress, what about the courts?

A not-too-distant future in which marijuana companies can ship products across state lines – if not “legally,” at least without interference from federal or state authorities – is possible if a recently filed lawsuit challenging Oregon state law is successful, legal analysts told MJBizDaily.

Such an outcome might require legal challenges in other states, however.

Also, it would likely require finding other states – and businesses there – willing to accept out-of-state marijuana.

In this way, legalizing interstate commerce via the courts, ahead of outright federal legalization, is a long shot, a sort of Rube Goldberg machine of interdependent hypotheticals that all must fall into place before a single pound is shipped.

But best of all for a marijuana industry tired of delayed federal reform and struggling with tumbling wholesale prices, neither Congress nor the president would have to do anything.

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