Collective Wisdom recorded interviews throughout the California Buyers Club event held in Los Angles on Oct 24-25. We’re pleased to share those episodes with you here.

About Collective Wisdom

Collective Wisdom is a cannabis podcast drawing from the idea that we all benefit from sharing knowledge and experiences.

The purpose of Collective Wisdom is to advance the cannabis revolution by listening to diverse perspectives to improve our health and wellness, to help our cannabis businesses operate more effectively, and to navigate the strengths, challenges, threats, and opportunities that are inherent in the birth of a new industry. 

About the Host

The host of the Collective Wisdom Podcast is Lisa Tollner, a cannabis business veteran who has been working in the industry since 2012. She is Co-Founder and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Sensi Products, which are sold in over 250 dispensaries across California.

Lisa is leading a range of cannabis initiatives which include Intelligent Cannabis Use for Seniors education programs, developing case studies that look at cannabis and specific ailments, and conducting research studies on sleep, chronic pain, and anxiety.

Prior to joining the cannabis movement, Lisa was CEO of Silicon Valley-based Cintara Branding providing marketing and branding consultation and services to Fortune 1000 companies in high tech, healthcare, consumer goods and hospitality industries, and has held key roles in launching over 100 start-ups. Lisa has a lifelong interest in what drives successful businesses and brands, and passionate about the use of cannabis to improve health and wellness.

Episode 1: Richard Parrott and Tabatha Chavez on How the CDFA Helps Cultivators

Episode 2: 3C Farms VP of Sales, Waylon Broussard on Strategic Strains

Episode 3: Technology Meets Cannabis Logistics with CEO of Wayv, Keith McCarty

Episode 4: Building A Strong Cannabis Community with UCBA President, Jerred Kiloh

Episode 5: Talking Tree Farms owner, Craig Nejedly on What’s Good for the Earth is Good for the Plant

Episode 6: WeCann Director of Government Relations, Melahat Rafiei on Creating Policies that Work

Episode 7: Social Equity LA Founder, Adriana Gomez, on the Importance of Community Support of the Industry

Episode 8: Culinary Expertise for Edibles with Lisa Kamerad of Mindy’s Artisanal Edibles

Episode 9: Bridging the Education Gap with Marco Rullo of Lucid Green

Episode 10: Founder of Freedman Strategic Consulting, Alex Freedman on Navigating Regulations and Compliance

Episode 11: Brand Success by Design with Co-Founder of Dosist, Jeremy Green

Episode 12: Challenges in Dispensary Operations with the President of the LBCA, Adam Hijazi

Episode 13: Updates on Banking Legislation with Javier Montes, Vice President of UCBA

Episode 14: Understanding Retail Data with Jocelyn Sheltraw of Headset

Episode 15: Why Your Community Matters with Tim Dodd of Sweet Flower

Episode 16: Getting Past the Vape Crisis with Wesley Hein of Mammoth

Episode 17: Cultivation by the Numbers with 777’s Cameron Wald and David Cali

Episode 18: Packaging and Retail Trends with Dena Kleinrock of Genius Cannabis Boutique

Episode 19: Gary Seelhorst of Born From Flora on Working with Legislators on Cannabis Policy

Episode 20: Establishing Roots in California with Alex Brown from Cresco

Episode 21: Kannabis Works Founder, Shelly McKay on Cannabis Education

Episode 22: Collective Wisdom, a new podcast to help accelerate cannabis adoption; hosted by Lisa Tollner

More episodes are coming your way – stay tuned.

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