In response to the voter approved Proposition M and with the advice and counsel of UCBA, the City of Los Angeles has adopted several ordinances regulating cannabis activity in the City.

The Cannabis Procedures Ordinance lays out the types of licenses that are available and the process for obtaining those licenses.  It also includes the social equity program framework and program details for Existing Medical Marijuana Dispensaries (EMMDs) aka Prop D shops and existing no-retail business to apply for temporary approval.

Cannabis Procedures

Ordinance No. 185343

The Cannabis Rules and regulations ordinance details the operating requirements for licensed cannabis businesses by their license type.  It also includes the tables for determining eligibility for the Social Equity Program

Cannabis Rules & Regulations

Ordinance No. 185344

The Cannabis Location Restrictions Ordinance specifies which cannabis activities are allowed in which land use zones of the City.  It also includes a definition of all sensitive uses and their distance restrictions by license type.

Cannabis Local Restrictions

Ordinance No. 185345

Ordinance NO. 185025 creates the Department of Cannabis regulations which is responsible for administering the Rules and Regulations adopted by the Council for licensed commercial cannabis businesses within the City of Los Angeles. The DCR administers the business application process in conjunction with the Cannabis Regulation Commission, makes determinations related to non-retail cannabis licensing, administers and coordinates the audit and inspection processes for licensed cannabis-related businesses, and enforcing regulatory compliance of licensed businesses engaged in commercial cannabis activity.  It also creates the Cannabis Commission which is a 5 member appointed Board that reviews appeals and holds public hearings for storefront retail cannabis licenses.

Department of Cannabis Regulation and Cannabis Regulation Commission

Ordinance No. 185025

The Cannabis Enforcement, Taxation, and Regulation Act is otherwise known as Proposition M and was approved by the voters of Los Angeles with over 80% of the vote.  It gives the City Council the authority to set the tax rates and establish regulations for cannabis activity.  The tax rates are up to 10% of gross receipts for adult-use, retail sales and 5% for medical-use. retail sales and 2% for all other cannabis activity and taxes will be collected by the Office of Finance.

Cannabis Enforcement, Taxation, and Regulation Act

Ordinance No. 184841

Illegal cannabis activity will continue to be enforced by the Los Angeles Police Department and City Attorney.


On November 16, 2017, California’s three cannabis licensing authorities released Emergency Regulations that outline the statewide standards and licensing procedures for manufacturing of commercial cannabis products. These regulations were developed in response to the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA), which was signed into law in late June 2017 and creates one regulatory system for both medicinal and adult-use cannabis signed into law in late June 2017.

On behalf of our members, UCBA maintains an active presence in Sacramento through ongoing communication with legislators and regulators as to the impact of these regulations in practice.

The public hearings and comments from a broad cross section of stakeholders that were informing that regulatory process have also been taken into consideration in the drafting of these proposed emergency regulations. The final text of the Emergency Regulations can be accessed through the links below.