Jul 12

Here’s Why California’s Cannabis Black Market Won’t Go Away

As we all know, Prop 64 legalized cannabis for adult use in California. Voters gave it the green light in November 2016, paving the way for legal, licensed dispensaries to open their doors beginning in January 2018. Many Californians celebrated by flocking to dispensary doors and soon afterward consuming their... read more →
Jun 27
Jun 24

California Regulators Unveil Campaign to Curb Illicit Cannabis Market

On Friday, California’s most powerful cannabis regulators came together at the Montalbán Theater in Hollywood, where the United Cannabis Business Association (UCBA) and the Humboldt County Growers Alliance (HCGA) hosted its second annual policy summit.  Industry stakeholders, including licensees and industry hopefuls, packed the venue to hear what Lori Ajax... read more →
Jun 05
May 29

Black market cannabis shops thrive in L.A. even as city cracks down

To identify potential scofflaws, The Times compared all storefronts on Weedmaps with a list of businesses granted temporary approval to operate by Los Angeles’ Department of Cannabis Regulation. Only 182 marijuana dispensaries have permission to sell weed in the city, records show. The review, conducted earlier this month, found 365... read more →
May 12
May 08

Support Legal Cannabis Businesses— Buy Legal Weed This 420

If you are a consumer, you have an important role to play: buy California grown, California made and California sold weed from legal retailers. Consumers purchasing product from the illegal market do so at their own peril. Illegal retailers don’t play by the rules. That can put your health at... read more →
May 08
May 01

Real or Counterfeit? How to Avoid Cannabis Product Impostors in LA

Ever since California enacted tough regulations last year that banned pesticides and heavy metals from cannabis products, the counterfeit market has been booming. How to Avoid Cannabis Product ImpostersCan you tell ream from fake cannabis? The NBC4 I-Team weeds out potentially dangerous pot and which shops to avoid. Investigative reporter... read more →
Apr 17

Statement From Ruben Honig, Executive Director Of The UCBA, Regarding City Attorney Mike Feuer Filing Civil Lawsuits Against Illegal Cannabis Operators

“As the largest trade association of legal cannabis businesses in Los Angeles, the United Cannabis Business Association (UCBA) supports the City’s continued pressure and attention to bring criminal and civil lawsuits against unlicensed cannabis operators. The UCBA and the City Council have been urging the City Attorney about the potential... read more →