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Feb 28

Cannabis Regulation Commission Wants Crackdown on Illegal L.A. Pot Shops

With hundreds of illegal marijuana shops continuing to operate in the city, the Los Angeles Cannabis Regulation Commission unanimously threw its support Thursday behind a number of aggressive methods to crack down on the dispensaries, including the formation of a special task force and shutting off the businesses’ utilities. “I’m... read more →
Feb 26

Lab Testing Reveals Banned Chemicals In Multiple Cannabis Samples In Los Angeles

A television news investigation revealed that unlicensed marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles are selling products contaminated with pesticides that have been banned by state regulators. The report from KNBC in Los Angeles purchased vape cartridges and cannabisflower from 24 dispensaries and delivery services in the area and found nearly 30 percent had traces of prohibited chemicals. Reporters... read more →
Feb 11

Dispute over rules riles California’s legal pot market

Throughout California, you can now have marijuana delivered to your door within minutes. But the NBC4 I-Team found that some pot delivery businesses are operating illegally and could be delivering weed to underage kids.  “That’s obviously disturbing,” said Detective Vito Ceccia of the LAPD’s Gang and Narcotics Enforcement Division. “Because... read more →
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