Aug 22
Aug 21

Second lawsuit filed over California marijuana delivery rule

A licensed California cannabis company sued Santa Cruz County, claiming the governmental body is violating state law by prohibiting deliveries from out-of-county retailers into a swath of unincorporated areas. The East of Eden Cannabis Co. lawsuit filed in Superior Court in Santa Cruz County is the latest development in a... read more →
Aug 14

Police raid illegal weed dispensary in Los Angeles

KEY POINTS An underground economy is cutting into the profits of the legal cannabis businesses.Authorities shut down an illegal weed dispensary and grow house in Los Angeles as part of a crackdown on the marijuana black market.Police say more than an estimated 250 illegal dispensaries are operating in the area,... read more →
Aug 07
Aug 03
Aug 01

Let’s be blunt: Cannabis consumers need protection

California boasts the strongest “lemon laws” in the country. Another law helps Californians make decisions about avoiding chemicals that could cause cancer or birth defects. A third law requires manufacturers of cleaning products to disclose ingredients. Now the California Legislature should get serious about protecting cannabis consumers from potentially serious public... read more →
Jul 31
Jul 31
Jul 30
Jul 24

The Cannabis Black Market Epidemic

When the new marijuana shop opened up just down the street from his own marijuana shop, Greg Meguerian, owner of The Reefinery in Los Angeles, kept an eye on it. When that shop stayed open past the legal closing time of 10 p.m. and sold customers over a quarter-pound of... read more →