Dec 19

New QR Code Campaign Will Help Consumers Identify Legal Cannabis Dispensaries

UCBA Applauds Critical Consumer Education Effort to Keep Californians Safe

Sacramento, CA – The Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), today released a brand new QR code campaign to help consumers identify if they are shopping in a legal cannabis dispensary. The QR code will be displayed in the window of dispensaries licensed by the state of California, confirming that the cannabis sold has been tested, meticulously tracked and is the best available product on the market. This new campaign aims to keep consumers safe from the dangers of the state’s massive illicit market, where products are not tested or tracked and have been found to contain pesticides, toxins and unknown additives that pose a serious health risk to Californians.

United Cannabis Business Association Executive Director Ruben Honig offers the following statement in response:

“When voters approved Proposition 64 there was an immediate assumption that overnight, everywhere that sold cannabis was legal and safe – unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth – California’s illicit market is nearly three times the size of its legal one and many consumers cannot tell the difference, leading them to unknowingly purchase untested and unregulated products that may put their health at risk.

“This QR code campaign is another tool in our consumer education toolbelt that will more clearly differentiate legal, tested products and work to keep Californians safe.”

UCBA is available to speak on the record as an expert source on the legal cannabis industry. To schedule an interview please contact Sarah Melbostad via email at or by calling 415-717-6889.


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