Sep 25

UCBA Statement in Response to California Department of Public Health Advisory on Vaping

Legal Cannabis Market Adheres to Strict Regulations and Testing Mandates to Protect Consumer Health and Foster Industrywide Safety Standards


September 24, 2019

Los Angeles, CA – The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) today issued an advisory on the consumption of vaping products as the state continues to investigate health concerns stemming from the use of vape products. The United Cannabis Business Association (UCBA), and the legal retailers it represents, share the state’s goal of keeping consumers safe, but also believe it is crucial to inform the public of the strict regulations and testing requirements that the legal, licensed cannabis industry is operating under.  

Under the Bureau of Cannabis Control’s oversight, legal retailers are able to offer the safest products available, conducting testing for potency, production byproducts, pesticides, harmful bacteria, heavy metals and other toxins identified by the state of California.  Products are also entered through track and trace, which allows regulators to follow products as they move through the market to better ensure quality and safety. These regulations and systems are what differentiates legal and illegal sellers and highlights the true dangers of the illicit market, where products are untested and untraceable. 

UCBA Board President Jerred Kiloh offers the following statement in response to CDPH’s advisory: 

While we are supportive of the state’s efforts to keep consumers safe, it is crucial that we differentiate between the dangers posed by products moving through the untested illegal market and products developed and sold through the thoroughly regulated and licensed industry. 

California’s cannabis testing requirements are extremely strict and represent some of the highest levels of product scrutiny. While leaders throughout the cannabis industry will continue working to ensure product and consumer safety in the licensed market, it is products sold through unlicensed and unregulated retailers and the platforms – like Weedmaps, which is funneling Californians to illegal retailers despite clear risks – that should be of the utmost concern. 

UCBA and the legal retailers it represents are wholly dedicated to the safety of all Californians and supportive of the proper regulation and testing of cannabis products to build a safe and reliable cannabis market that will continue to benefit consumers now and into the future.” 


The United Cannabis Business Association is the premier trade association representing California’s licensed retailers. From introducing ballot measures locally and legislation at the state, to taxation issues, licensing and social equity programs, UCBA is the leading voice for legal cannabis in the state. UCBA works with cannabis cultivators, manufacturers and distributors to establish a strong statewide community and advocate for good policies and reforms that protect and enhance the vitality of our industry.


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