Jun 24

California Regulators Unveil Campaign to Curb Illicit Cannabis Market

On Friday, California’s most powerful cannabis regulators came together at the Montalbán Theater in Hollywood, where the United Cannabis Business Association (UCBA) and the Humboldt County Growers Alliance (HCGA) hosted its second annual policy summit. 

Industry stakeholders, including licensees and industry hopefuls, packed the venue to hear what Lori Ajax of the state’s Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), Cat Packer of the Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR), and State Treasurer Fiona Ma, among others, had to say about plans to prop up licensed operators, social equity programs, and banking and tax hurdles.

The top priority for industry members and regulators—quashing illegal operators—was apparent even outside the venue, where posters hung for the just launched “Get #WeedWise” campaign. The multilingual public information program aims to curb unlicensed sales by encouraging consumers “to only purchase cannabis from licensed businesses” and warning those who operate unlawfully of the consequences of continuing to do so. Alex Traverso, the agency’s spokesperson, directed the summit’s participants to the state-hosted website CApotcheck.com, where shoppers can easily verify whether the cannabis they procured is from a legal source. 

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