May 08

Support Legal Cannabis Businesses— Buy Legal Weed This 420

If you are a consumer, you have an important role to play: buy California grown, California made and California sold weed from legal retailers.

Consumers purchasing product from the illegal market do so at their own peril. Illegal retailers don’t play by the rules. That can put your health at risk. Products grown or sold on the illegal market are not tested, and often contain harmful substances. Most recently we saw an example of this in LA, where an illegal dispensary was selling cannabis tainted with paclobutrazol, a fungicide frequently used to make golf turf more dense and verdant. Classified as a Type II toxic chemical by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, there is a reason why this product is not approved for use on legal cannabis — it’s harmful to consumer health and safety.

So as you make your purchases, whether those be for 420 or in the future, remember that there are hundreds of small businesses out there that are working really hard to bring you 100% compliant and safe products — products that have passed rigorous testing standards meant to ensure that people who choose to consume are consuming clean and safe cannabis.

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