Apr 17

Statement From Ruben Honig, Executive Director Of The UCBA, Regarding City Attorney Mike Feuer Filing Civil Lawsuits Against Illegal Cannabis Operators

“As the largest trade association of legal cannabis businesses in Los Angeles, the United Cannabis Business Association (UCBA) supports the City’s continued pressure and attention to bring criminal and civil lawsuits against unlicensed cannabis operators. The UCBA and the City Council have been urging the City Attorney about the potential dangers of pesticides in untested products (including Paclobutrazol) and the reckless behavior of landlords who indulge in fraudulent leasing schemes. We are encouraged that the City Attorney has brought forward the City’s first civil and criminal cases against landlords and real estate brokers utilizing the enforcement tools proposed by UCBA in Proposition M, including a $20,000 per day fine. We expect these lawsuits will deter other illegal enterprises that endanger the public and poison the community.”


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Media Contacts:

Ruben Honig Ruben@UCBA.com (516) 413-1037

Kian Kaeni Kian@ekapr (310) 925-4078