Jan 11


Our primary goal at LINX is to enable licensed dispensaries to legally accept card payments and to help them minimize the risks associated with handling cash; thereby creating a safer and smarter environment for dispensary owners, employees and customers.

We bring new levels of efficiency to our customer’s business and simultaneously expand political support for the industry by remitting real-time sales tax and applicable excise payments. The LINX platform improves the accuracy of dispensary tax reporting and provides audit-ready tax payment records right out of the system. If desired, customers can opt-in to use this feature.

By standardizing the purchasing process and eliminating the need for other payment options, LINX can help move the cannabis industry forward by creating a more transparent and open market and by establishing a cost-effective, industry-wide transaction fee that includes all required services such as payment processing, cash in transit, ACH fees, tax reporting and compliance.

LINX is easy for customers to use and consistent across different geographic markets. We have developed an attractive brand and stylish product that will be recognized in major U.S. markets and over time accepted by restaurants, entertainment venues and outdoor recreational businesses that display the ‘LINX Accepted Here’ logo.

Through years of business experience, legal and compliance expertise, proven technology platform and our dedicated team, we are uniquely qualified to deliver this kind of advanced payment network. We hope that you will join us and establish your business as a member of the LINX network, the first and only payment system dedicated to the legal cannabis industry.