Jan 07

Hurdles For California’s Cannabis Industry Have Slowed Growth, But Many Still Expect A Business High

Malcolm is the CEO and managing member of 3C Cos., which includes Coast to Coast Collective, Cannabal City Collective and 3C Farms. Malcolm owns two retail storefronts with on-site cultivation in Canoga Park and downtown Los Angeles totaling about 35K SF and a 19K SF cultivation and light-manufacturing facility in the northeast San Fernando Valley. He has a fourth industrial property in escrow in Lancaster.

When the law to allow recreational marijuana in the state passed in 2016, he and his business partners had plans to expand to recreational marijuana operations in 2018 but encountered several hurdles. Many cities began banning dispensaries or created strict regulations, limiting where Malcolm could set up shop. He also found many illegal dispensaries that did not get a license continued to thrive with impunity.

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