Mar 08

Los Angeles’ Largest Cannabis Trade Association of Compliant Dispensaries Welcomes the Regulatory Framework Created by the Passing of Prop M

United Cannabis Business Association (UCBA), the largest trade association of Proposition D compliant medical marijuana dispensaries operating legally within the City of Los Angeles is elated about the passing of Prop M. The authority granted to the City by Proposition M will allow the UCBA dispensaries to work collaboratively with industry and community stakeholders to develop a clear and unambiguous legal structure in which to operate.

Jerred Kiloh, UCBA President confirmed, “UCBA is inspired that patients, cannabis business owners and the people of California voted overwhelmingly to legalize cannabis for adults over the age 21. We are now looking forward to working with Los Angeles City Council to create a regulatory system that will allow for the continued growth of the industry and the opportunity to not only serve our medical patients, but to provide adults, 21-year-olds and over, with a safer alternative for recreation.”

UCBA Vice President and membership chair, Javier Montes, sees the passing of Prop M as an opportunity to increase ownership and participation in the cannabis industry. “Cannabis legalization is an important step for Los Angeles and the many communities that we serve. For many years the constant challenges for people of color to find a place in the semi regulated system created under Prop D, acted as a deterrent for ownership participation. We look forward to creating a path for increased participation for people of color and women.”

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